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Behavioral Counseling

Fear-Free Practice Since 1994

Learn to Live Better With Your Dog or Cat

The secret to living happily with a pet is to know how to address behavior issues. Animal Medical Center Of Middletown can help you adjust your expectations and also help you mold your cat or dog to be the best companion possible.
From helping you select the right pet to modifying animal behavior to fit in a home full of humans, we're here for you and ready to answer your questions.

We Teach Your Pet How to Handle Most Situations

Properly trained, your pet can be taught to deal with a wide range of situations.
  • Nail trims
  • Basket muzzling
  • Blood draws
  • Physical exams
You also can teach your pet to sit instead of jumping up on you. You can teach your pets other useful skills as well. 


Let's Start With a Behavior Consultation

AMC will be happy to conduct a thorough consultation regarding the pet behavior concerns you have. We'll provide the tools, information, and resources you need to potentially improve the life you lead with your pet. 
A detailed problem prevention/treatment plan will be created specifically to address The behavior concerns that you have with your pet no matter their age.

Prepare Your Home and Life for Fun With Kittens

Although adding a feisty new kitten to the home is always a fun prospect, there's a lot you should know before you make the leap. How many litter boxes are necessary? What toys are mentally stimulating? What's the best food?
We'll help you make your home a happy, calm, and fun place to keep a kitten by discussing a range of issues.
  • Preparing your home and making it kitten friendly
  • Reading kitten body language and recognizing normal behaviors
  • Selecting mentally enriching toys
  • Finding products that help create a harmonious home
  • Training your kitten to be a good cat and more

Welcoming a Playful Puppy Into Your Home

Your new puppy is going to bring a bundle of energy into your home, as well as a host of challenges, including house training, play biting, jumping up, crate training, whining, and a lot more!
As times have changed, new research has altered the way we bring up a well-behaved pup. Our puppy counseling is up-to-date and will focus on many issues.
  • Reading dog body language and communication
  • Training (with demonstration)
  • Addressing common puppy problems like biting, potty training, loose leash walking, and more
  • Selecting mentally stimulating toys
  • Socializing and more

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